Stop and Smell the Coffee (4/24 – 4/30)

This is the recurring post where I point you to articles, sermons, fundraisers and the sort that I have come across throughout the week in hopes that you would fancy them like I did.

Your Days are Numbered
The value of time and the speed of its fleet feet are some of the things that I routinely think on. In this review, Tim Challies gives his take on the aforementioned titled book by John Perritt. It sounds like a great little book that I want to add to my towering reading list.

Beautifully True

A stunning artistic video for John Piper’s new book A Peculiar Glory. (Another one to add to the reading list.) 

God of the Ordinary- A Study in the Book of Ruth
This wonderful resource I received in my inbox this week. The Truth for Life blog is giving a free download of this series by Alistair Begg. I remember several years ago driving around on deliveries for my job listening to this series from the Scottish preacher on the radio.

A Wheelchair for Ryan Morse
I only just came across the story of this little Bulgarian boy recently, and it has touched the hearts of my wife and myself. The Morse family adopted their new gift from God last October, bringing joy to all involved, especially Ryan. He is 7 years old, weighs only 13 pounds, and struggles with many medical issues but that does not stop the smile from spreading across his face. The family has an auction going to try and raise money for a custom insert for Ryan’s wheelchair. I will not ask you to support something that I have not supported myself. Please, consider donating to continue the joyful changes happening in Ryan’s life. While I have you, here is a link to the blog and Facebook page for Ryan Morse.

The Canvas Conference

A conference about theology and creativity. I am jazzed about this gathering. Myself and some other guys I know are planning on being in attendance.

Coffee is Good for Your Gut

And lastly, just further evidence that coffee is good for you! Drink up, and peace to you.


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